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Meet Our Colorado Springs Dentist Team

Dr. Toan Chung, DDS

Originally from Fort Smith, Arkansas, and one of eleven siblings, Dr. Chung brings his extensive expertise to Colorado Springs. After earning his DDS from NYU and honing his skills in family dentistry in Texas, he chose our vibrant community for its exceptional lifestyle. As a passionate Colorado Springs dentist, Dr. Chung is committed to enhancing your dental health with comprehensive and compassionate care.

Dr. Harvey Zhang, DMD

Dr. Zhang's journey in dentistry began in China and continued in New York, where he excelled at Stony Brook University before obtaining his DMD from Boston University. His residency at Ohio State University provided him with extensive surgical experience. Now, as a dedicated Colorado Springs dentist, Dr. Zhang offers personalized care, utilizing the latest dental techniques to ensure the best outcomes for his patients.

Dr. Toan Chung Apple Grove Dental Colorado Springs Dentist.

Dr. Ivan Zolotco, DDS

With a rich background in dentistry from Europe to Canada, Dr. Zolotco has amassed a wealth of experience before settling in Colorado Springs. His diverse expertise makes him a valuable asset to our dental team. As a committed Colorado Springs dentist, Dr. Zolotco is eager to contribute to our community, providing top-tier dental services and care.

Our Specialized Dental Services

Family Dentistry

Our family dentistry services are designed to provide comprehensive care for patients of all ages. From routine checkups and cleanings to fillings and fluoride treatments, we prioritize preventive care to ensure long-term oral health. We understand that each family member has unique dental needs, and our approach is tailored to accommodate everyone from toddlers to seniors.

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Same Day Crowns

With our state-of-the-art technology, we offer same day crowns to restore your smile in a single visit. This convenient service eliminates the need for multiple appointments, making it easier for you to manage your busy schedule. Our precise color-matching techniques ensure that your new crowns look natural and blend seamlessly with your existing teeth, restoring both function and aesthetics.

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Tooth-Colored Restorations

Our tooth-colored restorations use high-quality composite materials that not only restore the integrity of your teeth but also maintain a natural look. These restorations are crafted to match the shade of your surrounding teeth, ensuring a uniform appearance. Ideal for both front and back teeth, they provide a durable solution that strengthens your teeth while enhancing your smile.

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Dental implants offer a permanent solution to missing teeth and are designed to blend in perfectly with your natural teeth. They provide the functionality and feel of natural teeth, enhancing your confidence and oral health. Our skilled dentists use advanced imaging and precise placement techniques to ensure the best outcomes. Dental implants are a great option for improving chewing ability, maintaining jawbone integrity, and achieving a flawless smile.

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Invisalign is a revolutionary way to straighten teeth using custom-made, nearly invisible aligners. Perfect for teens and adults seeking a discrete treatment, Invisalign aligners are comfortable and removable, allowing for easy eating and cleaning. Our personalized treatment plans ensure that each aligner moves your teeth step by step towards the desired position. Embrace the convenience of Invisalign and enjoy a straighter smile without the look of traditional braces.

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We offer customized denture solutions to restore the function and appearance of your smile if you've lost teeth. Whether you require full or partial dentures, our options are designed to fit comfortably and look natural. Our dentures are crafted using modern materials that mimic the appearance of your gums and teeth, providing a comfortable fit and restoring your ability to eat and speak with confidence.

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Summer Smile Special

Brighten your smile this summer with our exclusive New Patient Special!

*New Patients: Receive a FREE at-home whitening kit with your first appointment! Our safe and effective whitening kit will help you achieve a brighter, more radiant smile in the comfort of your own home.

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Colorado Springs Dentist Testimonials

Youngmee K.

Dr. Chung and staff were extremely professional, dedicated, skilled and caring. I did not have good experiences last five years with good dentists. But I highly recommend Apple Grove Dental and Dr. Chung. They care about your teeth, knowledgeable and trustworthy. Highly recommend them!

Youngmee Kim

Brad T.

Great experience and I have fears around dental work & cleanings! My RDH was awesome and the staff is always on top of everything – awesome place!!!

Brad Thorne

Brahn S.

These guys are great. Super friendly staff and very gentle. I’ve had some not so pleasant experiences at other dentists, Diana the DA made me feel very comfortable and Dr. Chong explained everything with great detail. Thanks!

Brahn Shinkle

Susie S.

This was my first visit to Apple Grove Dental and I was overjoyed by the warm welcome! The office staff was efficient and friendly. My hygienist, Dianna, was a delight to chat with and she had a tender touch throughout the cleaning. Dr. Chung came in and checked everything out and gave me the clean bill of health for another 6 months! My only regret is that I wish I had chosen Apple Grove Dental earlier! Thank you!

Susie Sincock

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