All About Pikes Peak

Often referred to as the second-most visited mountain on the planet, Pikes peak offers several unique landscapes and opportunities for explorers and travelers alike. Pikes Peak is located at the Summit of Colorado, It is the highest summit in the southern range of North America, standing at an incredible 14,115 ft high. The mountain is enjoyed by visitors of all ages, the highway leading to pikes peak offers visitors a 19-mile long scenic route to enjoy and look in awe at the spectacles it has to offer. A few of the creatures that can be spotted along the highway and mountain include Rocky Mountain big horned sheep, Rumored BIGFOOT, and yellow-bellied Marmots. If an individual is interested in learning the history and geography of the hill, consider enrolling in the mountain “Meet the Ranger” Program.

Along the way to the mountain, visitors will run into the North Slope Recreation Area, where fisherman from all across the globe can try their luck at catching elusive trout among the three lakes that inhabit the mountain. Along your way to the top, visitors can visit gift shops, hiking trails, and the historic Glenn Cove Inn. Visitors to the mountain can take breathtaking photographs and on the brightest days will have the opportunity to see five states including Colorado, Arizona, Kansas, Utah, and New Mexico. Along with the ability to see five states at once, travelers may also get to see something unique, the curvature of the earth as it fades into the distance. If you do not have your source of transportation, Shuttles are the offer on sight to give tours of the mountain. If you do have a vehicle, driving the mountainside would offer the best experience to you. In your car, you can take your time and stop as frequently as you like to enjoy the scenery and wildlife. Biking is also allowed at pikes peak, giving visitors the chance to get in tune with the nature of the location and feel the cool breeze blowing against them. If driving or biking is not your go-to idea of fun, there is little to worry about. Hikers can experience thirteen and a half miles of hiking trails that gain in elevation over 7,000 feet.

If you are not familiar with hiking at such elevations, it is best to research possible effects and strain it can put on the body. It may be necessary to consult your Dr. if you have underlying health issues. The hike can take anywhere between 6-8 hours one way, so that means to get back down you will have to allow up to potentially 12 hours in your day. The summit of the peak is typically 30-40 degrees cooler than it is at its base. Pack lots of water for your journey up the mountain, the rise in elevation may cause you to dehydrate faster than usual, so its best to stay as hydrated as possible to avoid feelings of fatigue. It is advised to bring plenty of food and to wear heavy duty hiking boots, along with these items it is suggested that you bring several layers of clothing as the temperature can rise and drop at a whim. Few vehicles are not allowed on the peak; these include the use of ATV, Moped’s, and trailers. Pikes Peak is a fun place for people of all ages and is highly recommended for people to visit.