My Trip to The Garden of the Gods

The Garden of Gods is a public park located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, US. The park offers stunning natural scenery, including 300 ft tall sandstone formations, The world-class Visitor and Nature center offers a unique experience designed to inform travelers on how the sandstone rock formations were formed as well as offering new interactive exhibits. The park is accessible most times throughout the year, excluding Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Years Day, park hours are 8 a.m to 7 p.m during the summer and 9 a.m to 5 p.m during the winter.

The park can be explored by individuals seeking lonesome opportunities or they can be experienced via guided bus tours or segway tours. The park sits on 1,367 acres of land and is often reverted to the wild west due to its rugged landscape and natural look. The park is enjoyed by a variety of people, including nature enthusiast, mountain bikers, hiker, and those whom just love the outdoors. It is a family-friendly place that children and adults alike flock to and enjoy.

Due to the parks location it is not uncommon for individuals to feel like they are in the middle of no-where, rest assured this is not the case, the park is located only just outside of Colorado Springs and an hours drive to Denver, giving individuals the unique opportunity to feel like they are off the grid while still having the comfort of knowing civilization is just around the corner. There is a large network of scenic driving opportunities that allow those with physical handicaps to still have the please of experiencing many of the parks biggest sightseeing attractions.

For those whom do not like being cramps in a vehicle but are physically unable to hike the trail, there exist over 1.5 miles of paved roadway that are wheelchair accessible. Restaurants and guesthouses are located just on the edge of the park, allowing individuals the chance to rest and grab a bite to eat, there are also souvenir shops available to purchase items that remind you of your visit. There are free maps of the area located at the visitor and welcome center to be used at your leisure. There is no fee to enter the park, as well as free parking, allowing for families and individuals alike a completely free experience at one of the natures most stunning landmarks. The park was designated a national natural landmark and offers many unique activities that can be enjoyed by both thrill seekers and families. The park offers rock climbing for those adventurous enough to seek it out and trails that allow hiking for those who enjoy a nice peaceful hike. The park also gives visitors the opportunity to rent bicycles both manual and electric, Guided segway tours, along with jeep and trolley tours.

There are several activities sponsored by the park, including 5k runs, hikes featuring top naturalist, and monthly presentations and classes. The park also puts on group services such as American Indian Dancer who dress in traditional clothing and perform for the public, also explaining some of their proud heritage and customs.