The Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs

The Colorado Springs Training Center

The Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center has two swimming pools, fifteen tours per day, which is only in June through August. They have two hundred forty two dorm rooms, five hundred twelve beds, three hundred thousand plus annual meals served and thirty five acres. The Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center supports almost every American Sport including: Boxing, Cycling, Figure Skating, Gymnastics, Paralympic Judo, Pentathlon, Shooting, Paralympic swimming and wrestling. This training center is the little brother to U.S. Olympic Training Center programs.

The Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center lets individuals host events at there facility, whether it’s social gatherings, celebrating a special family occasion or just entertaining clients. To tour this facility it does cost; for adults $15, Senior Citizens and Military Members $13, Children (5-12)$11 and kids 4 years old and under are free.

There are several successful athletes that train at The Colorado Springs Training Center and one of those athletes is Katie Ledecky. Ledecky is a professional swimmer and former Stanford student, she went there to train with her former teammates and that says a lot about this training center. Not only does The Colorado Springs Training Center doesn’t only have tours for people like us but they also have professionals train at their center on a daily basis. I truly think that this training center can help a lot of upcoming athletes and make them so much stringer and better at their game. They have services for more than five hundred athletes and coaches at a time on their campus, People who want to visit this Training Center, you should know a little more information about the visiting arrangements. The facility holds more than 130,000 guests, so you won’t have to worry about if you’re bring too many people with you. One of the amazing moments you will most likely remember is the Panasonic HD projection screens, there are tons of reviews of people just talking about that alone but of course they can’t believe they haven’t been to the Training Center before. “I’ve been using the OTC facility for over a year now. The area is clean and always ready for my volleyball team to practice. I love the area!” A volleyball coach stated. If you don’t believe what i’m telling you, go see the reviews! This place is perfect for the normal people and the Professional athletes, they don’t discriminate and believe everyone is an athlete. I don’t think you can get any better than this training center, it’s a judge free zone and the staff believes in everyone. Their aren’t a lot of Training Centers like that in the U.S and I personally think it would be cool to see some professional athletes walking around. I visited The Colorado Springs Training Center’s website and they tell you everything you need to know. They have a kitchen staff that cooks high quality food and the staff as a whole looks pretty friendly and great, they also have episodes that you can watch about the Training Center and it’s even more interesting. I strongly encourage for you to go visit and tell everyone you know about it.