There are many reasons to get a full mouth restoration. For instance, if you are experiencing what is known as TMJ or neck and jaw pain, you may find that your dentist recommends a mouth restoration to eliminate these problems for you. Full mouth restorations will correct gummy smiles, missing teeth, and can stop chronic headaches. If your jaw is misaligned, you have a sunken look to your face, a gummy smile, or if you have worn out teeth, a full mouth restoration can help you not only look better but feel better. A full mouth restoration will help you by aligning your jaws, replacing missing, damaged, or worn teeth and makes it easier to clean your teeth improving the odds of having a healthy smile.

Your treatment provider will help you find the best alignment for your jaws. This process is completed over several weeks and ensures that your unique jaw alignment is found before the permanent work begins. After the best jaw alignment for you is found, your treatment provider will use a variety of options to rebuild teeth for you. This includes every tooth using whatever options are needed such as implants, crowns, bridges, and veneers. During this portion of the process you will be able to determine the color of your new smile as well. This process may take 2 or 3 visits and your smile is completed during this portion of the full mouth restoration. Your results will last anywhere from 5 years to a decade or two depending on what options and materials you choose.

With the cost of full mouth restoration being approximately $800 to $2,000 per tooth at the lower end of the range depending on the specific materials you choose, full mouth restoration can be expensive for some and not so expensive for others. With certain health conditions you may lose teeth and it is possible that your healthcare insurance provider may cover a portion of the cost. It is better to ask and find out than not to. It may also help to have your treatment provider contact your health insurance provider on your behalf to explain the problem, the treatment, and to find out if any of it is covered by your health insurance. In addition, you may find that your treatment provider will give you a discount simply for paying in full. CareCredit is an option for some patients, allowing you pay in equal installments over a period of time to get your treatment completed sooner rather than waiting for your condition to worsen.

The benefits and the improvement to the quality of your life truly are greater than the cost of full mouth restoration. If you take a look at before and after photos of patients you will see the difference in confidence but what you cannot see is very important as well. You can get rid of chronic headaches caused by bad jaw alignment, you can get rid of TMJ, and a variety of issues that have harmed your self confidence and ability to be outgoing or simply smile. You will be better able to maintain the cleanliness and health of your mouth when brushing and flossing because your teeth will be properly aligned. With proper alignment, you will not have to rely on just a few teeth to eat and all your teeth will be better able to perform their jobs as a group.