During orthodontic treatment, there are rules you will have to follow. These rules are in place to ensure that your treatment is going by correctly. You will have to do things every day and see your orthodontist often during your treatment. Everything you have to do during this treatment benefits your oral hygiene. Your orthodontists are there to make sure you are following the rules. If you follow the rules, your treatment will go by fast and easy. It may seem like a lot at first, but once you start reaping the benefits, you will willingly cooperate.

How Often Will You See The Orthodontist While in Treatment

How often you see your orthodontist is different with each patient. With simpler cases, you will see the orthodontist every month or so. In cases that require more attention, you will see your doctor every two weeks to a month. Your appointments are to adjust your teeth and keep your treatment moving forward. These appointments are mandatory. Missing any of your check-ups could result in longer treatment time or more damage to your teeth. Keeping up with your appointments during treatment is apart of taking care of your teeth. Oral hygiene is the most important thing during your treatment.

Rules to Follow

The rules that are set for you are only going to help you. Some of these rules are brushing your teeth twice a day, avoiding hard candy, and following your orthodontist’s instructions. Disobeying these rules could result in emergency visits to your orthodontist because you messed up something. You could disrupt your treatment and have to start the process all over again. You may not notice something you did while disobeying your rules, but your orthodontist will. Doing this will have set your treatment process back. Make sure you follow the rules you are given. They are there to help you.

Oral hygiene

During your orthodontic treatment, you will be given a kit to use. This kit will include orthodontist tools that you have to use when cleaning your teeth. Improving your oral hygiene is one of the benefits of orthodontic treatment. If you follow the rules and use the tools like you are supposed to your oral hygiene will be great. Following the rules aren’t just for good oral hygiene during your treatment. Your results after your treatment can be affected if you don’t take care of your teeth. Your goal is to have your teeth corrected and good oral hygiene after your treatment.


Your orthodontist is here to help you. They are the specialist so listen to their instructions. It is a good thing that you visit them frequently they are going to make sure your teeth are on the right track. It takes time and effort for the outcome that you want. You must put in that effort, or you won’t see the results you are looking want. It’s half your orthodontist’s job and half your job to take care of your teeth. Earn the results you want.