Partial Dentures, A Reasonable Economical Choice

A removable partial denture contains replacement teeth. The teeth are attached to a pink colored plastic base. Sometimes the apparatus is connected by metal framework that actually holds the denture in place, once it’s in the mouth. The teeth themselves are made from plastic. The base of the partial dentures are made of metal covered with plastic, the plastic is made of acrylic resin. Acrylic resin is a compound of thermoplastic or thermosetting plastic substances derived from acrylic acid, methacrylic acid and other related substances.

The goal of dentists are to make sure partial dentures look and feel as natural as possible. Two different types of materials are used in the creation of replacement teeth, porcelain and acrylic. Porcelain looks and feel very much similar to natural teeth, which is why this material is used. Porcelain material gives a smooth feeling of the original tooth enamel. Porcelain is preferred over acrylic in many dentists and patients, because it’s harder than acrylic and more sturdy, however porcelain can be inclined to chip. Even though porcelain has this weakness, many dentists still prefer to use it over acrylic, due to the fact that acrylic material deteriorate more quickly. But once again another feature for high-quality acrylic dentures, is that they are softer than porcelain, which makes them less brittle. So there are pros and cons for both types of materials.

When it comes to the material used on the metal framework of partial dentures, typically chrome cobalt is used. Chrome Cobalt is very tough. When used its job is to protect the structure of the dentures. When the patient chews food, the dentures should be plenty strong enough to withstand. Different types of materials can be used in the creation of denture frameworks, such as gold, stainless stain and nickel chrome. Always choose the type of materials that you feel are best for you.

Partial Dentures are needed when a person has teeth missing. Having teeth missing can put undesired pressure on certain areas. This could be uncomfortable. Also other teeth may began to move or shift, due to the empty spaces being there. In some cases, shrinking tissue and bone may occur. When a tooth is removed and is no longer there, the surrounding tissue and bone will be reduced. This actually could become a problem when you decide to add a bridge. In order to add a permanent bridge, you must have tissue and bone to support the apparatus. A partial denture keeps the underlying structures within the mouth, from changing. These structures include the jawbone, facial muscles etc, active and functioning.

The placement of partial dentures tend to be less invasive and less costly. It is a reasonable option when you have a good number of healthy teeth in your mouth. Partial dentures require daily maintenance. Partial dentures should be brushed every day with a soft toothbrush or a soft denture brush. The user can use soap or denture paste. There are many different choices on the market, you will have to choose the brand that is right for you. Partial dentures have made life a lot easier for millions of people around the world. They are easy to use and economic, it will be up to the user, if they would like to stay with the partial dentures or move on to permanent teeth.