This is a concern for those orthodontic patients who have had either crowns, veneers or root canals done, can they now have braces placed in their mouths? It is a legitimate concern, after all, braces will move the position of the teeth inside the mouth which leads to the possibility of compromising the other costly dental work that has been done. Not to worry though, turns out that regardless of having a root canal or crowns done an individual can still have braces placed in their mouth.

Best Braces for Existing Dental Work

First of all, it is important to point out that there are different types of braces that are out there to choose from. These are fixed braces for the front of teeth, fixed braces for the back of teeth, there are the fix braces that cover the full mouth and removable braces. Usually, an orthodontist will opt not to put fixed braces of any kind on the mouths of those individuals who have crowns, veneers, or root canals. The only exception to this rule is the clear plastic braces known as Invisalign. The reason these aren’t as precise of fixed braces as the metal variety. However, there is some orthodontist who has become experts in knowing how to place fixed braces onto mouths that have crowns or root canal work done. But the usual standard recommendation is to have removable braces worn although these tend to take longer to fix straighten teeth problems.

Will the Crowns or Root Canal Need Replacement

As stated above usually having braces won’t bring damage to existing dental work in the mouth. However, no two individuals are alike and therefore no two mouths are. The thing to remember is that the orthodontist will take all things into consideration before even fitting for the braces. That would include the overall health of the mouth, such as the integrity of the gums and the teeth. Keep in mind though that even with the best of orthodontists some issues could arise, although the percentages are low of such incidents. That is why it is important to always see the orthodontist periodically while having braces to ensure that things are going accordingly and that there is no damage to things such as crowns or root canals.

So, yes a person with a crown, root canal or even veneers can get braces as well. It would mean though following the orthodontist instructions to the letter and as for orthodontic care take the time to find one who has experience with dealing with various dental work that has been done before installing braces. Such an orthodontist in Colorado Springs, CO is essential to ensure that the braces are beneficial to our teeth not cause unexpected and costly issues.