Apple Grove Dental: Comprehensive Family Dental Care in Colorado Springs

Apple Grove Dental, a Colorado Springs Dentist, prides itself on its ability to take care of the whole family and is pleased to announce its ongoing commitment to providing the very best in dental treatment and dental service provision. With three different doctors, Dr. Toang Chung, Dr. Harvey Zhang, and Dr. Ivan Zolotco, the practice is capable of caring for many patients, and each doctor provides compassionate, high-quality treatment.

The practice prides itself on professionalism, care, and comfort for every patient who enters the building. It takes a tailored approach, understanding that everyone has different needs and requirements and that meeting these is the best way to ensure the ultimate client satisfaction at all times, regardless of what form of treatment is being offered.

With that in mind, Apple Grove Dental has worked to create a comprehensive range of treatments, ensuring patients can access all the care they need under one roof, and their services cover:

  • Cosmetic dentistry, including tooth straightening, dental bridges and dental implants, veneers, teeth whitening, deep cleaning, tooth extractions, gum disease prevention techniques, dental bonding, and more, so patients always have smiles that they can feel good about
  • Cleanings & preventive examinations, recognizing that prevention is better than cure, and a strong understanding of hygiene goes a long way to avoiding many oral problems for a lot of patients
  • Dentistry for children, who may feel nervous or upset at the prospect of treatment, and who have a chance to build lifelong good oral habits that will protect their teeth for many years to come
  • Dentistry for seniors, who also may need specialized care to get the most value out of their dental visits
  • Gum disease treatment, to take care of inflamed and infected tissue in the gums and discourage the accumulation of plaque in the mouth
  • Nightguards, reducing issues from teeth grinding while asleep and potentially relieving associated problems such as headaches and jaw pain

Most major insurance carriers are accepted by this Colorado Springs Dentist, and there are other payment options on offer too, including credit card payments and CareCredit. This makes it easier for patients to find a financial option that works for them and their needs.

Patients can get in touch with the reception team to learn more about their payment options and discuss any questions or concerns by simply calling the practice during their opening hours

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