Colorado Springs Dentist Becomes Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly

Leading Colorado Springs dentist, Apple Grove Dental, today announced that its general dentistry office is energy-efficient and eco-friendly. The dental office continues to offer the vast number of dental services that it has offered to the residents of Colorado Springs since 2018.

Apple Grove Dental is located in Colorado Springs. Helmed by 4 dentists, and in operation since 2018, Apple Grove Dental strives to offer the best services possible to its dental patients. The dental office is equipped with the latest dental technology and opts to use eco-friendly and energy-efficient practice methods.

New and current patients at the dental office can expect:

  • Access to energy-efficient and eco-friendly dental technology. Apple Grove Dental invests heavily in ensuring that they have access to the best quality equipment for their dental surgery. Not only is this equipment better for the environment, but it is also better for the patient.
  • The dental office works hard to reduce wastepaper and hazardous materials.
  • A constant commitment from the dental office to continue to reduce waste production and energy consumption wherever possible, while also not sacrificing the standard of care and the level of comfort that their patients have come to expect.
  • A full selection of dental treatments, including orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, gum disease treatment, senior care, and more. These services are offered by the various dentists and hygienists who work at the office.
  • Dental care for children.
  • Dental care for those who may often struggle to visit the dentist due to fear, or those who have not visited the dental office in several years.

Apple Grove Dental is always open to new patients, and all new patients are encouraged to read through the new patient forms on the website. Payment for dental services can be made through several insurance policies and payment methods.

About Apple Grove Dental

Apple Grove Dental has been serving the Colorado Springs community since 2018. Led by Dr. Harvey Zhang and a team of three other dentists, Apple Grove Dental offers several services to patients. This has helped the dental office to become the highest-rated dental office in the area and has helped to ensure that the dental office can continue to offer its unique blend of eco-friendly and green dentistry for years to come.

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