Apple Grove Dental Ready To Help Families With Dental Care

A Colorado Springs dentist is poised for growth with its three dentists on board to cover a variety of family dental needs. Apple Grove Dental offers all types of family dentistry that covers every member of the family from children to grandparents. 

Get Family Care in a Large City

In a city of almost 693,000 people, it’s easy to feel lost but Apple Grove Dental makes you feel at home the minute you walk in. 
Its three doctors include Dr. Toan Chung, Dr. Harvey Zhang, and orthodontist Dr. Isaac Chung. Dr. Chong grew up in Arkansas and has a doctorate in Dental Surgery from New York University College of Dentistry. He got his undergraduate degree from Georgetown University. 

Dr. Zhang grew up in split cities in China and New York. He got his undergraduate degree from Stoney Brook University and his dentistry degree from Boston University Dental School. 

Dr. Isaac Chung grew up in Arkansas as he is the brother of Dr. Toan Chung. He earned his undergraduate from Stanford University and received his Doctorate of Medicine in Dentistry from the University of Pennsylvania. 

A Wide Array of Dental Services

Apple Grove Dental is a Colorado Springs dentist office that provides an array of services for everyone including same-day crowns, tooth-colored restorations, implants, and dentures as well as orthodontics that includes the popular clear aligner Invisalign. 

Locals Already Love It

This family dental office has been voted a neighborhood favorite on the Nextdoor app since 2018 and is also named in the Top Dentists for Colorado Springs, an honor also held since 2018. 

Those who have dental issues or just want an exam will find that this dental office gives you professional services but with a caring attitude. All those who work there treat patients with compassion and seek to meet their expectations as well as their dental needs. That is how Apple Grove has built its reputation.

The Colorado Springs dentist makes it easy to schedule appointments and ask for information too. You can do all of that online at its website. Those who are somewhat averse to technology can call for an appointment. This is one dentist’s office that has friendly staff answering phones and willing to help you with your appointments. 

Call or go online to schedule dental appointments for yourself and your family and see just how much your life can be improved with a brighter smile and teeth that function well. 

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