It would probably be hard to find a person that does not care about keeping their teeth nice and white. Clean, white teeth are usually part of a good first impression. Teeth whitening has grown in popularity during recent years. There are lots of different options people have for getting their teeth whitened. It’s easy to get confused about wha works and what does not work. Furthermore many people have questions about how often they have to go back to have the work done again.

Perhaps the most popular method for teeth whitening is in-office bleaching. In-office bleeching usually yields very good results. These procedures are done in the dentist office and can usually be completed very quickly. These options usually are on the expensive side but they can save patients lots of time. There are four basic options dentist offer- take home kits, zoom teeth whitening, boost and veeners.

Dentist have the ability to offer take home kits for teeth whitening. Patients have the option using a kit designed or their specific needs. These kits may seem similar to those sold in stores but they usually contain a different level of certain chemicals. Generally it takes one to two weeks to see an impact although that time can vary based on the strength of bleaching agent. These kits will cost customers anywhere from $150-$200.

Zoom teeth whitening is also another popular method for whitening teeth. This procedure can only be completed at a dentist. Zoom teeth whitening uses a special gel that is one fourth hydrogen peroxide. This gel is used together with a special lamp. The procedure itself will take from forty-five minutes to an hour. The results are instant. You should probably expect to spend at least five-hundred dollars if you use this method.

Boost is another very well known procedure for whitening teeth. Boosts also consist of using a a hydrogen peroxide based gel. This gel has the power to bleach the teeth without the help any special light. The results are also immediate, however patients may be in the office a little longer. This procedure usually last between one and two hours. The cost is similar to Zoom. Expect to spend around $500.

In some cases stains will not respond to bleaching. In these cases veneers are an excellent option. Veneers do require multiple visits to insure just the right look. Typically this process takes a couple of weeks. Perhaps the biggest con for veneers is the cost. Veneers will usually run between seven hundred to one thousand dollars for each tooth.

There are a few options for those people who are looking to avoid the dentist office. These options include teeth whitening trays and gels, teeth whitening strips and toothpastes. The trays and gels appear to be the most effective method from these groups. The results will take longer that a doctors visit. They also require keeping things in your mouth for several hours a day. While these options can work they usually take longer and do not yield quite the same results as the options a dentists can provide.