Dental implants are quickly becoming a trend among many individuals. Many dentists today recommend getting dental implants other than other forms of dental fixtures because they are highly convenient. Dental implants are usually a form of artificial roots that are placed in the gum for replacement with new teeth. When a person loses a tooth, they need a replacement for the lost tooth. This replacement cannot be made without dental implants. It is common for people to lose their teeth due to a number of circumstances. For instance, if you have a tooth cavity, gum diseases or teeth that are badly damaged, they need to be removed. Tooth loss can also be caused by knocking against a hard surface.

If you experience tooth loss and do not get dental implants, some adverse effects can follow that. Apart from your smile being affected, you can experience other tooth problems such as teeth overgrowing into the space that is left; gums become painful, misaligned biting and the jawbone volume area shrinks. If you have the following problems with your teeth, you need dental implants:

Lost teeth

As mentioned earlier if you have gaps in your teeth due to a lost tooth, it is vital you get dental implants. Leaving the space without a replacement tooth can cause the adjacent teeth to it to overgrow into space. It can also affect how one chews and bites on their food causing something called a misaligned bite.

A tooth that is broken

If part of the tooth is broken dental implants are a great way to maintain its structure. With a dental implant, one can also get the broken tooth replaced with a new full functional tooth. Dental implants add to the root structure in your gums allowing it to function normally.

Dental pain

If you experience a lot of dental pain such as sore gums, it may be a sign that you need dental implants. Dental implants will eliminate all the discomfort as your tooth structure will be boosted, and they will continue to function normally.

Jawbone volume loss

When a person loses a tooth, the gum area that is left begins to lose its volume drastically. This is because there is no activity of chewing and biting in this area. Once this volume is lost, it is very difficult to get it back. Even with the cutting edge technology, most dentists are unable to bring back this volume. To prevent this from happening, it is important that one gets dental implants to stimulate the growth of the jawbone and restore the volume.

Partials and dentures

Partials and dentures are quickly becoming old school as they are not as convenient. Most partials and dentures become loose, after some time and they can become a nuisance if they keep falling off. Dental implants are therefore a great option as they are permanent and they cannot keep falling off.


Dental implants are effective and have proved to be a medical emergency because they prevent a lot of dental problems. If you want to have healthier long-lasting artificial teeth, dental implants are the way to go. Ask for advice from your dentist to know the procedure and get informed about what it entails.