Having a full and beautiful smile is crucial for your overall confidence and self-esteem. Unfortunately, many people are missing teeth or are wearing ill-fitting dentures that take away from their confidence in the way that they look. For this reason, implants are a viable choice for anyone and everyone who is a candidate for the procedure. These small rods of titanium are incredibly long-lasting and safe for surgical use, making them a beneficial option for your oral health.

What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a small metal rod, often made with titanium, that are implanted underneath the gums and into the bone. Over the course of roughly three months, the implant is going to fuse naturally with the bone, creating an abutment for a crown or prosthetic to be placed. People who wear dentures can also benefit from implants because they can attach onto the denture and keep it more firmly in place. Implants are also great for patients who would otherwise benefit from bridge work but who do not want to compromise the surrounding teeth just to fit the bridge.

How to Begin the Procedure

The first step to getting implants is to speak with your dentist or an oral surgeon. They will do a consultation with you to see if you are a candidate for the implant procedure. Some patients just aren’t the right fit for implants, especially if they have bone or jaw issues. If the implant does not fuse with the bone, it is considered a failed implant and will need to be surgically removed. Because of this, a consultation and series of x-rays is crucial for determining if you should even begin the process of having the procedure done.

What to Expect

Once you have had the consult with the dentist or oral surgeon, it is a matter of having the implants placed at your own convenience. Some people choose to stay awake during the procedure while others choose to go to sleep with general anesthesia. This is obviously something that you will need to discuss with the oral surgeon before having the implants placed. You will love what this particular option is able to do for you and the fact that it can improve the quality and look of your smile without the headache of going through more extensive or compromising procedures.

There are millions of people now who have gone for the dental implant procedure. Some people just have one implant in their mouth while some have two or more. Depending on what your unique needs are, this particular option is essential for reclaiming your confidence and getting the smile that you want and need. This procedure is also a lot easier and more quickly done than you might think, so it pays to consider it for yourself if you want to make a change to the way that you look. The first step is to talk with a dental provider in your area and get information on how to go about having the surgery done and what you need to expect before, during and after it has been completed. They will be more than happy to answer any and all of your questions so that you can be fully prepared for what the implants will do for you.

Dental implants are preferred over dentures by many people. However, the costs of implants are considerably more than the costs of dentures, leaving many people wondering how they’ll afford the costs. Dental implants are preferred over dentures because they look and feel more like the natural teeth. They are inserted into the jaw using a screw and do not come out like dentures. It is easier to eat, talk, and enjoy more confidence when dental implants are used.

Dental implants cost an average of $1,825 each, so it’s easy to understand why patients wonder how they’ll cover the costs. Some implants cost even more. Will dental insurance cover the costs of dental implants? Many People think their insurance company will pay for the implants. They usually cover the costs of dentures, after all. But, the truth is, insurance companies aren’t so willing to cover the costs of dental implants and you might find yourself searching for a way to pay for them yourself.

A Cosmetic Dental Procedure

It is rare that an insurance company will pay the costs of dental implants. Although there is likely some companies out there who offer partial or full implants payment, thee companies are few and far between. Why is it so hard to find a company to cover the costs of dental implants? Most companies pay for the costs of dentures because they are considered a health need. Implants, on the other hand, are considered cosmetic procedures and not a necessity. Dental insurance companies will not pay for a cosmetic procedure, thus dental implants costs are discussed from coverage.

Partial Procedure Payment

It is important to talk to your insurance agent to learn if the costs of implants are covered. Although the cost of the actual implant may not be covered, some of the procedures that you need to have the procedure may be covered by your plan. The agent can help you learn what is and what is not covered after a dental consultation. It is a nice relief to learn that the insurance company will pay for even some of the services needed when using an implant to replace missing teeth.

Options to Pay for Dental Implants

Dentists always welcome cash to pay for services, but when it is implants, most people do not have that kind of money to spend upfront. Luckily, a variety of pay options are available to patients to minimize the hassle of paying for the implants. Many dentists offer care credit for qualified patients. This is a type of credit card that is used only for dental care. Like any other credit card, an application must be completed and an approval given. Some dentists offer financing, but the patient must also qualify to use this service. However, dentist-offered financing is easier to qualify for than a dental credit card and the interest fees are usually lower. If you want implants and cannot afford the costs in full at the time of the dental visit, consider either of these options.

Dental implants are quickly becoming a trend among many individuals. Many dentists today recommend getting dental implants other than other forms of dental fixtures because they are highly convenient. Dental implants are usually a form of artificial roots that are placed in the gum for replacement with new teeth. When a person loses a tooth, they need a replacement for the lost tooth. This replacement cannot be made without dental implants. It is common for people to lose their teeth due to a number of circumstances. For instance, if you have a tooth cavity, gum diseases or teeth that are badly damaged, they need to be removed. Tooth loss can also be caused by knocking against a hard surface.

If you experience tooth loss and do not get dental implants, some adverse effects can follow that. Apart from your smile being affected, you can experience other tooth problems such as teeth overgrowing into the space that is left; gums become painful, misaligned biting and the jawbone volume area shrinks. If you have the following problems with your teeth, you need dental implants:

Lost teeth

As mentioned earlier if you have gaps in your teeth due to a lost tooth, it is vital you get dental implants. Leaving the space without a replacement tooth can cause the adjacent teeth to it to overgrow into space. It can also affect how one chews and bites on their food causing something called a misaligned bite.

A tooth that is broken

If part of the tooth is broken dental implants are a great way to maintain its structure. With a dental implant, one can also get the broken tooth replaced with a new full functional tooth. Dental implants add to the root structure in your gums allowing it to function normally.

Dental pain

If you experience a lot of dental pain such as sore gums, it may be a sign that you need dental implants. Dental implants will eliminate all the discomfort as your tooth structure will be boosted, and they will continue to function normally.

Jawbone volume loss

When a person loses a tooth, the gum area that is left begins to lose its volume drastically. This is because there is no activity of chewing and biting in this area. Once this volume is lost, it is very difficult to get it back. Even with the cutting edge technology, most dentists are unable to bring back this volume. To prevent this from happening, it is important that one gets dental implants to stimulate the growth of the jawbone and restore the volume.

Partials and dentures

Partials and dentures are quickly becoming old school as they are not as convenient. Most partials and dentures become loose, after some time and they can become a nuisance if they keep falling off. Dental implants are therefore a great option as they are permanent and they cannot keep falling off.


Dental implants are effective and have proved to be a medical emergency because they prevent a lot of dental problems. If you want to have healthier long-lasting artificial teeth, dental implants are the way to go. Ask for advice from your dentist to know the procedure and get informed about what it entails.


People everywhere are looking to improve their smile. As a result the number of people getting cosmetic surgery is rising. Even reality TV has shined a light on just how much can be done by a dentist to improve how your mouth looks. The many available options may make cosmetic dental work confusing. Speaking with a dentist is probably the best advice for finding what will work best for you. Here are some of the more well-known cosmetic dental procedures.

Composite bonding is one of the most popular and cost effective procedures that can be done by a dentist. The procedure is used by dentists to repair a number of minor issues including tooth decay to chipped teeth. This procedure requires a dentist to remove any damaged or decayed areas of the tooth first. Then the dentist can proceed to apply a bonding agent. From there, the dentist will apply the composite on the surface of the tooth while then working to shape it to match the patient’s natural teeth.

Dental implants are another common cosmetic dental procedure. Dental plants are usually used to replace teeth that are missing. During the procedure the dentist will insert a metal screw into the patients jawbone. The screw’s purpose is to serve as a support for the new implant’s crown. Over time the screw will heal and tissue will surround it. From this point the dentist will be able to fasten the crown to the screw.

Teeth whitening is probably the most common dental procedure. The most effective teeth whitening is done in a dentist’s office. The price of teeth whitening can range from a hundred bucks to two to three thousand dollars. These procedures are usually more effective than over the counter options. Furthermore the amount of time spent is much less than over the counter options. The dentist will usually clean your teeth first getting rid of any plaque. For there they will apply any of a number of gel options that are available.

Known to some as indirect filling, inlays and onlays are another popular dental cosmetic surgery. Inlays and onlays are molded in a lab and then shaped specifically to match your teeth. This option is popular when there a moderate amount of tooth decay. This could also be an option when there is just a portion of a tooth available to support a filling. A tooth’s cupsts usually are still ok when this procedure is done. This allows the inlay to be placed right on the surface of the tooth.

Finally there are veneers. Veneers are assembled to resemble a person’s natural teeth. This procedure requires multiple visits to a dentist. Patients usually take one to two weeks to get results. The cost of veneers is often a little more than other procedures. Patients can expect to spend anywhere from seven hundred to one thousand dollars per tooth when getting veneers.

These are just a few of the most popular dental procedures that exist. A dentist is best able to direct patients in the right direction.

Far from being “just” cosmetic, having cosmetic dentistry treatment can make a positive difference in your life from being able to speak more clearly to cleaning and take care of your teeth more easily, you will most likely be happy with your results. Cost is a concern but the overall value of resolving whatever problems you have is usually well worth the effort.

A common cosmetic dental treatment is getting your smile improved with veneers. The veneer covers the front of your tooth when you need a change in color, size, length, or shape of a tooth. Many people get multiple veneers to improve their smile while a lot of people just want or need one or two. Veneers can solve multiple problems addressing color and the size or shape of the tooth with one convenient and long lasting solution. Veneers can cost as little as $250 all the way up to $2,500 depending on the type you choose. Some last 7 years whereas others can last as many as 15 years.

Teeth whitening is among the most popular cosmetic dental treatments because it is affordable for many people and the results can be quickly seen with your first in office treatment but you will need multiple treatments to see the best results. If you have yellow teeth, in office whitening is the best option. Your dentist may recommend maintaining your white smile with certain toothpastes and rinses to keep your smile white as stains start to occur once you begin eating and drinking no matter what whitening method you choose.

Dental implants are seen by some as unnecessary but this is another treatment that makes a difference in your health despite being considered cosmetic. By replacing missing teeth with implants, you regain a physical structure in your mouth that contributes to keeping the rest of your teeth aligned and in place while it supports your facial structure. Some people’s teeth shift dramatically impacting their ability to speak, eat/chew, and clean their mouth and teeth properly. Missing one tooth can actually lead to poor dental health for some people and even more missing teeth. Implants improve your smile and much more. Dental implants will last about 25 years and prices range between $1,500 and $6,000 per tooth.

Invisible braces are another cosmetic treatment that is useful and beautifying. The importance of well aligned teeth cannot be overstated. Well aligned teeth are far easier to keep clean and your dental health plays a role in your overall health. If your teeth need to be straighter, invisible braces can help without you having to have a mouth full of metal. Some people see a significant difference in a few months while others may need longer treatment to see their best results. The cost of invisible braces is anywhere from $3,500 to $8,000.

Dental crowns or caps will help you keep a damaged tooth rather than have to remove it. The crown is both cosmetic but also functional, preserving your smile and an important dental structure. A crown will last anywhere from 10 to 15 years before it needs to be replaced. Porcelain crowns look more natural but composite crowns are more durable for the rear teeth that get the most use. Your dentist will recommend something that will do the job well and the cost is about $1,000 to $3,500 per tooth.